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We’ve seen a number of tier lists for Guilty Gear Strive now that the dust has settled. It’s starting to become increasingly clear which characters are the best in the game since Sol Badguy, Ramlethal and May keep ending up at the very top.

However, a recent video by PG|KizzieKay showcases a new tier list for Guilty Gear Strive. In the video’s title and description, KizzieKay declares that all tier lists for Guilty Gear Strive are wrong… except for his. A bold statement for sure, but it does somehow come across as believable considering KizzieKay’s longtime experience and achievements in the Guilty Gear franchise.

Unsurprisingly, KizzieKay’s top 3 consists of Sol Badguy, Ramlethal and May. It doesn’t really feel like there’s much room for debate at this point considering the tools on these fighters.

Giovanna tends to be a bit higher on KizzieKay’s tier list than most others. KizzieKay has Giovanna sitting high in the top 6.

The worst character in the game according to KizzieKay appears to be Faust. Funnily enough, KizzieKay refers to Faust as “Laust” since “Faust is lost” and hasn’t been found in Guilty Gear Strive so far.

Check out KizzieKay’s Guilty Gear Strive tier list below:

KizzieKay's Guilty Gear Strive tier list image #1

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