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King of Fighters 15 is presently slated for a release at some point in 2021. SNK will likely continue launching new character trailers weekly up until its release date.

As demonstrated in the trailer, King is a professional of Muay Thai. King provides a bit of a spin on conventional Muay Thai by including acrobatic dives and high kicks into her combating style.

We also get the opportunity to see a brand-new phase throughout Kings trailer. At the start, King and Iori are seen battling at a fair near a haunted home. Its nighttime, and the fair seems without any life.

While King does have access to punch attacks, the trailer mostly has her kicking enemies during her combinations.

King has been revealed for King of Fighters 15. A brand-new gameplay trailer has been launched to showcase what shell be able to perform in the upcoming fighter.

If King has actually the challenger pinned in the corner with her projectile, then she has the ability to continue the combo from a reasonable range away. This will likely be necessary for King gamers during high level gameplay.

While many characters in combating video games tend to throw projectiles with their hands, King shots projectiles with a kicking movement. When doing this, she basically produces a blue fireball from her foot.

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