It’s about to get easier to change compromised passwords in Chrome for Android – The Verge1 min read

Similar features can be found in other password managers, such as Dashlane, and its good to see Google adopting it: making it much easier to upgrade jeopardized passwords and save them somewhere securely assists people stay much safer online, even after services have been breached. Google says the feature will be presenting slowly to US users of Chrome for Android but will end up being more commonly available in “the coming months.” Google likewise revealed that the password manager would support importing information from other supervisors, along with immediately examining for jeopardized passwords during its I/O keynote.

Google is adding a feature to its Chrome password manager that enables you to change a jeopardized password with a couple of button taps. If its security check feature finds a password that was possibly dripped, the message will now include a “Change Password” button for supported websites. Tapping that button will instantly take you to the page to alter your password on that website and will submit a new one with a suggested protected password. That password will then, naturally, be saved in Chromes password manager.
Google says this function is partially powered by its Duplex for the web innovation, which was presented to help complete tasks like purchasing food and buying motion picture tickets. Google does state in its blog site post, nevertheless, that you can disrupt the process at any time if you d choose to do some parts by hand.

GIF: Google

The procedure can be finished in 2 button taps for supported sites.

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