iOS 14.4 update fixes iPhone security bugs, so it’s best to install it ASAP – The Verge1 min read

Apple just launched iOS 14.4 and iPadOS 14.4, and the upgrade notes include some worrying language (through TechCrunch). Under kernel updates, Apple notes that “a harmful application might be able to elevate opportunities,” and under WebKit updates, it says “a remote enemy might be able to trigger arbitrary code execution.” After both statements, the update notes state, “Apple understands a report that this issue might have been actively exploited.”
What this means, broadly, is that you ought to update your iOS devices as soon as possible. To put the language into plain terms: Apple found a security hole in its os, and it likewise has evidence that somebody may have exploited it. The upgrade notes dont have any more details, so for now, we do not understand who may have utilized the security breach or what they may have been utilizing it for.
Its not time for cyber-lockdown, but it is time to upgrade
It was utilized, the security breaches arent minor ones. An application being able to raise privileges means that it might do things its not supposed to be able to do. Again, there arent any details, however broadly speaking, it implies a malicious app couldve bypassed a few of Apples security protections.
The WebKit exploit isnt better. A remote attacker having the ability to cause arbitrary code execution means an assaulter might do things on your phone simply from you visiting a website they manage.
This isnt to say its time to go into total cyber-lockdown mode, however it does suggest that 14.4 isnt an update you desire to put off for a while. In the meantime, Apple says itll offer extra information quickly, so well keep an eye out for more details about the exploits.

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