Intel Launches Heavily Biased PC vs. Mac Comparison Website – MacRumors1 min read

As part of its barrage of attacks versus M1 Macs, Intel today launched a “PC vs. Mac” site thats prejudiced greatly in favor of PC machines that are equipped with Intel chips which makes questionable claims about Apples M1 Mac lineup.
Intels website states that Apples M1 Mac standards do not “equate to real-world usage” and that when compared to PCs with 11th-Generation Intel chips, M1 MacBook includes “just do not stack up.”
Intel positions PCs as more “customized” to fit a users “specific hardware and software requirements,” while the M1 Macs use “restricted” gadget support, games, and production applications. “The bottom line is a PC offers users an option, something that users dont get with a Mac,” reads the site.
PCs offer a “complete touch screen” rather of the “constrained Mac Touch Bar,” in addition to “2 for 1 Form Factor choices” while Apple makes clients pay for “numerous gadgets and equipment.” The site highlights specific software like AI-based content development tools from Topaz Labs that are allegedly much faster on 11th-generation Intel Core chips, and quicker Chrome efficiency.
A PC is developed for the user. They can run whatever software and games users desire to run and accommodate all plug-ins you like. The possibilities are unlimited with a PC versus Apples rigidly controlled walled garden.
Intel today introduced a significant anti-Apple silicon advertising campaign targeting the M1 Macs. A series of advertisements launched on YouTube star former “Im a Mac” actor Justin Long extolling the advantages of Intel-based PC devices.

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