“Im a Mac Guy” Justin Long Has Converted Over to PC – HYPEBEAST1 min read


It mayve taken 19 years, but Intel has finally done it: the business has actually converted “Im a Mac person” Justin Long into a PC believer.
Releasing a new series of videos for its newest advertising campaign, the chipmaker has hired Apples 2002 ambassador to highlight a couple of essential distinctions in between PCs and Macs, clearly with the intent of revealing the formers supremacy. The clips cover everything from the number of choices you have in PCs to their gaming expertise to a few more innovative style advantages including laptop computers that can function as tablets or touchscreens that actually work, poking fun at Apples TouchBar on its MacBook Pro designs.
Take a look at Intel and Longs newest ad above, and head over to the businesss YouTube channel to see the remainder of the series.
Somewhere else in tech, Alienware has actually revealed its newest Aurora R12 gaming desktop.

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