If You Had to Buy a New Car and Drive It for 20 Years, Which Would You Pick? – The Drive1 min read


Nobody understands what twenty years from now looks like (except for maybe the local palm reader and they dont specialize in vehicle) so buying a car for the next 20 (or even 10) years is a bit of a guess. While it appears that EVs are taking over, there are some substantial factors that will play into that, not the least of which is the power grid itself. Business like Toyota and Lexus have been churning out top quality hybrids that would see you through an armageddon, and looking backwards 20 years reveals that many cars that were built in 2001 are still on the road.

Plainly, Im a sucker for a loud, monster gas-guzzling beast.Im not immune to the beauties of high-end automobiles like the BMW X5 xDrive 45e, which is a ludicrous mouthful of alphabet soup for a name. Possibly I d buy a Mercedes-Benz E 450 coupe since its charming, a giant Cadillac Escalade since I like to ride in a moving living room, or a zippy handbook transmission Honda Civic Type R. Or one of my perennial favorites, a Lexus LC 500h; regrettably, its is not an useful option if you require to haul anything at all. If I had to pick just one of these to drive for the next 20 years, I d struggle with the choice.

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