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The most basic preventative step is to utilize a rake to pull the snow off of your roofing. You do not need to clear the entire roofing system – just 3 to five feet up from the seamless gutters. Theres more damage than satisfies the eye since when you see a leakage in your house.

Ice slowly accumulates on the overhang up until an ice wall kinds after heavy snowfall. Once the wall forms, ice buildup gets exponentially worse, and water begins pooling behind it.

So now youll need to remove all your sheetrock, remove all your insulation, and it can be whole summer seasons worth of trouble,” Palumbo included.

If you want to discover more about ice dams, check out the Ice Dam Guys Learning Center.

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If you already have an ice dam, break up the ice yourself, or call somebody to repair it.

Ice dams are formed by the buildup of ice along the overhang of your roof– the only location on your roofing system without heated living space below.

Fortunately, theres a simple trick for avoiding ice dams before they form.

The most basic preventative step is to utilize a rake to pull the snow off of your roof. You dont require to clear the entire roofing – simply 3 to five feet up from the rain gutters. Due to the fact that when you see a leak in your home, theres more damage than satisfies the eye.

” Your home has plenty of insulation, and it is actually a sponge,” stated Joe Palumbo, president of Ice Dam Guys, a company that concentrates on getting rid of and avoiding ice dams. “By the time that sponge– your insulation– is saturated, and now its leaking into your home – youve got a much bigger problem than you think you have..

Roof shingles are only produced water overflow, not water build-up, so that water will go under the shingles, and into your house, if not taken care of. And that might lead to leaks and flooding inside your house.

BOISE, Idaho– After last weekends major snowstorm, lots of Treasure Valley house owners are urged to look out for so-called ice dams that might result in extensive damage to the inside of homes.

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