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No longer an Instant Kill it seems

Many newer Guilty Gear players may not think much of it, but I-No has had an interesting history in her time as one of the core boss characters of the fighting game franchise.

Building up to the start of Guilty Gear Strive’s second open beta event this weekend, Arc System Works has finally revealed the full Super animation for I-No’s Megalomania Overdrive, which worked quite differently in previous games.

We previously only saw the start up of the Overdrive in her reveal trailer with I-No growing giant black wings that have speakers growing out of them after slamming the ground.

Now, the full thing shows the GGXX boss fire off a blitz of heart-shaped projectiles that blast Sol into smithereens.

In the Guilty Gear XX games, Megalomania could only be used by the unplayable boss version of the time traveler where her orbs would fly out according to where she’d place tracker markers that would change patterns and make the fight almost like a shoot ’em up.

The rockin’ attack came back in Guilty Gear Xrd as I-No’s Instant Kill move that worked similarly except it all tied to a cinematic animation.

Megalomania looks to work quite differently than its boss version, as it seemingly loses its multi-marker homing patterns in favor of summoning one giant sigil behind her opponent to make them all go to the same place at once.

Players looking to get their first hands-on time with I-No in Strive can do so in the game’s Open Beta Test #2 which will be available for PlayStation owners beginning May 13.

Arc System Works also previously released other previously unseen animations for I-No and Anji Mito, who will also be included in the beta this weekend.

You can see the origins of Megalomania below thanks to

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