I-No, Axl Low and… even Ramlethal saw no representation at the Guilty Gear Strive North America vs Japan event? – EventHubs1 min read


20 of the best Guilty Gear Strive players in the world recently competed at the Guilty Gear Strive North America vs Japan event that took place this weekend. As the name of the tournament suggests, North America’s top players went up against the best in Japan in Guilty Gear Strive.

What characters are proving to be effective in Guilty Gear Strive’s meta right now? Let’s take a look at the character usage stats to get an understanding of how things are shaping up.

Despite being viewed as a top tier, Ramlethal actually saw no representation at this event. I-No, Axl Low, Nagoriyuki and Giovanna also went completely unused during the tournament.

The most popular characters ended up being Faust, Millia, Chip Zanuff and Anji Mito. Each of these combatants were used by three players each.

Like Ramlethal, Sol Badguy and May are also generally perceived to be top tier combatants in the early part of Guilty Gear Strive’s meta. However, these two were only represented by one player each.

Check out the character usage stats of the event below:

• Faust – 3
• Millia – 3
• Chipp Zanuff – 3
• Anji Mito – 3

• Zato-1 – 2
• Leo – 2

• Sol Badguy – 1
• Ky Kiske – 1
• May – 1
• Potemkin – 1

• Giovanna – 0
• I-No – 0
• Nagoriyuki – 0
• Ramlethal – 0
• Axl Low – 0

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