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Update 11am 14/9/21: Canon has now fully announced the Canon EOS R3. Check out our first impressions in our hands-on Canon EOS R3 review, or get a quick guide to all of the new things we’ve learned about its EOS R3 pro sports camera.

There’s just a few hours to go until Canon officially unveils what it is calling the “most exciting announcement of the year”, featuring a product – or products – that apparently display “ground-breaking” innovation. 

The teaser on the brand’s YouTube channel hints that this could be a top-line product, but doesn’t give away too much information about what it could actually be – though the teaser’s styling and recent development announcements certainly give us some strong hints.

Taking place at 6am EDT / 11am BST / 8pm AEST, you’ll be able to watch the big product reveal live on the company’s YouTube channel, or you can sign up for the event directly from the Canon homepage, instead.

Although Canon is keeping its cards close to its chest about exactly what the launch event is for, the assertion that it’s the most exciting announcement of the year is certainly a bold statement and likely to be something worth setting up the livestream for.

Given that one of the speakers at the event is Vladimir Rys, a professional sports photographer who has been working in the biz for 25 years and specializes in F1 photography, we can expect this to be a top-range or highly-specced product with credentials that would suit a photographer like that.

The event is hosted by Lucy Hedges, a technology editor with a background in television – suggesting that there could also be a good video hook for the new product, too.

How to watch today’s Canon camera launch

Canon’s big launch is being hosted on Canon’s YouTube channel. It starts at 6am EDT / 11am BST. For those in Australia, that works out at 8pm AEST.

The livestream has been embedded above so you can watch it directly from this page, or if you prefer, you can head straight to the Canon YouTube channel. 

To get a reminder just before the event start, click the ‘set reminder’ button on the event page and you’ll be handily notified by email when it’s about to begin.

What can we expect from today’s Canon camera launch?

Although the teaser and event page give away very little, the snippets of info help us to build up an idea of what’s likely to be revealed. 

The teaser shows the RF mount, so it’ll almost certainly be a full-frame mirrorless camera, or perhaps some new RF lenses – if we’re lucky, maybe both will be coming our way. Companies might tend to big up their launches, but calling it the “most exciting announcement of the year” and then dishing up a new entry-level DSLR would seem unlikely.

Given that the development announcement for the pro-level Canon EOS R3 was all the way back in April, and with the end of the year fast approaching, it’s possible that we’ll finally be getting to see exactly what the heritage manufacturer has up its sleeves for all those pros who have been patiently waiting all these months. 

As you can see from the video below, the teaser’s styling does also match that of the original development announcement of the EOS R3 back in April.

We already know some things about the R3 from that earlier announcement. For example, Canon has already announced that it will have its first stacked, back-side illuminated full-frame sensor and will manage 30fps burst shooting with AF/AE tracking. It will also showcase a new “Eye Control AF” mode, which allows you control the AF point simply by looking at the subject you want to photograph. 

Given also that we’ve also seen a Nikon Z9 development announcement this year, and the Sony A1 is already on the market, it would make sense for Canon’s top-spec line to also be showing its hand at this time. But whether this event is for the Canon EOS R3, or perhaps something lens-related, is something we’ll have to wait a few hours to find out. 

So, stay tuned to find out exactly what it is – and we’ll bring you all the news, comment and analysis as it happens too.

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