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Last week, Sony pushed out an upgrade that supposedly fixed a prevalent concern in which the PS5 would download the PS4 variation of a game– even if a PS5 version existed. If you set up Nioh 2 on your PS5 through disc prior to last weeks system upgrade, you still wont automatically get that PS5 version. Opening that three-dot menu needs to pull up a list of all the games readily available variations: Nioh 2 – PS4, The Nioh Collection, Nioh 2 Remastered (PS5 Upgrade). Click on that last one.If your Nioh 2 disc is in the drive, youll see an option to download the free upgrade.PlayStation likewise brings an additional complication: a small suite of last-gen games that received PS5 updates but did not get dedicated PS5 variations. The easiest method to determine precisely which variations of a given game exist is to navigate to the PlayStation Store page for a video game youre curious about.

Nioh 2. Screenshot: Team NinjaFollowing recent updates for Destiny 2, Control, and the fantastic Nioh video games, PlayStation 5 owners remain in a golden age of cross-gen video games. However, if youre not cautious, you could extremely well wind up playing the PlayStation 4 version of a cross-gen video game on your PS5. The horror!Microsofts newest consoles, the Xbox Series X and S, serve up the next-gen version of a game (if it exists, and if the designer hasnt gated it off behind an additional charge) via an automatic procedure called “Smart Delivery.” That might seem like a non-feature function– a term concocted in a Seattle conference room packed with comms majors– however its actually rather handy. You could reasonably make the case that Smart Delivery is one of the specifying functions of Microsofts 2 next-gen consoles.On PlayStation, however, the process does not occur immediately. Its all too simple to download and boot up the PlayStation 4 variation of a video game that exists across generations (like Bugsnax, Control, or the just-revamped Nioh 2). As a rule of thumb, focus on the text under a games icon on the primary control panel. If it states “PS4” next to the title, youve downloaded the PS4 version. If theres an arrow next to “PS4,” it indicates you havent downloaded the PS4 version, but easily could by tapping the “X” button too quickly. (Yes, you can have both the ps5 and the ps4 version of a game installed on your console.) If it doesnt state “PS4” at all, that means youve downloaded the PS5 version. Excellent job.To switch to the PS5 variation of, state, Bugsnax, simply hover over the games icon and press down. Youll see a three-dot menu. Click on that. Then choose “PS5 Complete

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