How to enable the Google Chat tab in Gmail for Android – Android Police1 min read

Scroll down to the “General” location of the list. The very first alternative should be “Chat (Early Access)”. Tap it. On the pop-up alert, tap “Try it.”

If you desire to remove Chat and the bottom navigation bar completely, and you might indeed want to, simply follow the actions above again.

Google would be extremely pleased if you utilized its Chat application, so delighted that its pushing it beyond the limits of its actual app. Last month the tool ended up being readily available to routine users (who dont spend for access to Google Workspace), and now its integration with Gmail is readily available to them, too. It isnt turned on by default, so if you d like to utilize it, you have to go digging in the settings menu.
Initially, open the side menu in Gmail, scroll all the way to the bottom, and tap “Settings.” Tap your individual Gmail account on the next page.

Gmail will reboot, which can be a little jarring. “Mail” is your basic mailbox, “Chat” takes you to the official Google Chat application with all your text discussions, and “Rooms” is the ongoing discussion view.

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