Hideki Kamiya Was “A Shoulder To Lean On” During Astral Chains Development, Says Director – Nintendo Life1 min read


© NintendoTakahisa Taura has actually worked on plenty of fantastic computer game, consisting of Madworld, The Fantastic 101 and Metal Gear Increasing: Revengeance, however Astral Chain was his very first time working as a director– and hes been speaking to Famitsu about the experience (thanks, Nintendo Everything).
Its natural to have nerves on your very first big job, but Taura mentions that Hideki Kamiya was on hand to provide advise and constant the ship when development waters got a little choppy (Yoko Taro from Square Enix, who dealt with Taura on NieR: Automata, was also part of the interview):.

Did you have any fear or fret that you wouldnt get another possibility on something if [ Astral Chain] didnt offer well?
Taura: Yes, a little. During advancement when something didnt turn out to my outright taste, I actually began to panic. Kamiya really offered me his shoulder to lean on when that took place, however I dont think Ive ever felt a sense of distress like that before.
Taro: When was that?
Taura: That was when we were attempting to pin down the action mechanics. Kamiya collected all the important things we had actually attempted and thrown out or forgotten, and piece by piece it developed into something truly terrific.

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