Here’s what’ll happen with software updates for LG Phones after shutdown – Android Authority1 min read

Not simply yet.The firm noted in its press release that itll continue providing software updates to its phones and that these updates will differ by region.Separately, the business likewise offered some more clearness on its Korean site (h/t XDA Developers) concerning software support strategies for its phones.According to LG (machine translated), the Android 11 update is presently in development for select designs, as formerly announced. The OS upgrade strategies will depend on Googles circulation schedule, product performance, and product stabilization.The company likewise prepares to continue offering security updates to its phones however says that it can alter its policy at any time in the future.Essentially, LGs software assistance strategies are up in the air. You may get the Android 12 upgrade on your LG Velvet or Wing, however do not be too sure of it best now.Given that the mobile department is going through a huge transition, we wont be shocked if some of those assured updates are also postponed.

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