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Well a minimum of itll be even on both sides now

Capcom recently announced the shapeshifter Eleven will be joining the cast throughout the Winter Update presentation, and they also currently revealed off what the character select screen will appear like as soon as he and Dan are added in the coming days.

It is fascinating to see though that Eleven will get its own basic character slot despite being a “random choose” character like weve seen in other games like Mokujin for Tekken.

Those hoping for some sort of user interface overhaul from Arcade Editions gold and studio theme will most likely be disappointed to see things will be staying the very same for Season 5, which isnt too surprising since Champion Edition didnt alter it up either. Gamers total seem pretty happy, nevertheless.

Everyone was previously under the impression that Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition would end up with 45 playable characters on its roster when all is stated and done, now we understand that number is really 46.

Bumping the final quantity of characters does make the number even again, so we will not have to look at another Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite circumstance for the rest of the video games life.

Dan and Eleven will be signing up with the game together with the Season 5 upgrade following the Capcom Pro Tour 2020 Season Final on February 22, 2021 where the copycat fighter is consisted of with either variation of the video games final season pass. You can see a large variation of the updated character choose screen by clicking the thumbnail here:

Click images for larger variations

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