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The new Developer’s Backyard gives out some insight after the previous beta

A second open beta test for Guilty Gear Strive following the game’s delay last month, and now we finally seem to have confirmation of the next iteration’s existence.

Arc System Works has now released the Developer’s Backyard 5 for Strive that dives more into the future beta as well as what changes they’re planning to implement for the game’s poorly-received lobby system.

“We are planning a second Open Beta Test based on the players’ feedback,” reads the bottom portion of the developer post. “The timing has yet to be determined, so please keep an eye out for future updates.”

Considering Strive’s new release date of June 11, the latest ArcSys would probably hold this bonus chance to get our hands on the game again is early May, so a date should be dropping at any time now.

The devs say they would like to conduct the beta once the planned lobby changes are complete.

Strive’s online lobby system was the lowest rated mode in the post-beta survey by far with over 50 percent of responders ranking it as bad or very bad.

To try and address the issues present in the last beta, ArcSys says they’re going to implement the following changes to the updated lobbies:

• Changing to a system where players select a visible area where they want to have a match

• After winning a match, the player stays where they are in a battle-ready state unless their rating changes

• Adding a rematch option

• Expanding the area in each lobby, adding an option to hide the news display, and adding a dash movement for avatars.

These adjustments are likely going to make the Strive lobbies function similarly to the developer’s previous titles though it sounds like they’re clearly sticking with the 2D, multi-level stages in the mode.

It wasn’t confirmed in the post here, but the release chart for Guilty Gear Strive appears to show that the second beta will once again only be available to PlayStation owners with digital pre-orders granting one day of early access.

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