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Player Match
Approximately nine gamers can get in a “Player Match” room, enabling gamers to enjoy online fights with particular good friends.

— Use “Quick Start” to Quickly Jump into Online Battles
Guilty Gear: Strive features a “Quick Start” function that allows gamers to move directly from the menu screen to fight standby. Jump into an online match immediately!

■ Offline Modes
Story Mode
The fated conclusion!
The story of Guilty Gear lastly reaches its climax! The Story Mode loved by fans in previous titles returns in Guilty Gear: Strive! Now with additional developed instructions and graphics.
The Guilty Gear series has been around for over twenty years. The story of Guilty Gear: Strive is embeded in the United States of America. Our hero Sol Badguy has led an incredible life, but what will his final option be …?
Please look forward to more information.

Gallery Mode
Enjoy artwork, music, and films!
In Gallery Mode, you can see the character illustrations, setting images, and other advancement materials from Guilty Gear: Strive. There is a lot more to view as well, including trailers and songs from previous Guilty Gear titles.

GG World
A huge encyclopedia where you can check out whatever there is to know about Guilty Gear!
The Guilty Gear series has over 20 years of history. GG World includes a “Chronology” that reveals the series history and events at a glimpse; a “Glossary” where you can research character profiles and world settings; and a “Correlation Map” of the relationships in between each character. There is an enormous amount offered that will make even novice players feel at ease.

Online Lobby
— Customize Your Own Avatar and Battle Against Players Around the World!
Control your own customized avatar and delight in fights and communication while utilizing emotes and chat.

— A New Rating System Pits You Against Players of the Same Skill Level!
Guilty Gear: Strives Online Lobby appoints you to a flooring depending upon your ability level. Ability level is identified not only by the result of battle, however likewise by the analysis of your actions during matches. And since players at the very same ability level naturally collect on the same floor, everybody from brand-new players to veterans can take pleasure in tense battles!

The story of Guilty Gear lastly reaches its climax! The Story Mode loved by fans in previous titles returns in Guilty Gear: Strive! The story of Guilty Gear: Strive is set in the United States of America. Guilty Gear: Strives Online Lobby assigns you to a floor depending on your ability level. Guilty Gear: Strive is due out for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and PC through Steam on April 9.

■ Online Mode
Rollback Netcode
Guilty Gear: Strive utilizes the same kind of network players enjoyed in the previous title Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus R (Steam variation)!
Rollback netcode permits a great match experience, no matter the distance in between the gamers. Attempt looking all around the world if you are having difficulty finding a challenger!

— The Floor at the Top of the Lobby Reserved for Only the Most Skilled Players
Only gamers who continue to achieve great outcomes can go into the “Heaven” floor at the top of the Online Lobby. The entryway to this flooring is an incredibly narrow gate. It is quite actually the top of the top.

Guilty Gear: Strive is due out for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and PC via Steam on April 9. The Deluxe and Ultimate Editions will launch for PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 3 days ahead of time on April 6. Learn more about the game here.
View the trailer below. View the screenshots at the gallery.

Arc System Works has released a brand-new trailer for Guilty Gear: Strive introducing the video games numerous modes, along with brand-new details and screenshots detailing the offline game modes Story Mode, GG World, and Gallery Mode, and the Online Mode.
Get the information below.
■ Battle System
Roman Cancel
Cancels your attack, sends a shockwave, and decreases your opponents motion. You can utilize it while assaulting to enhance your offense, or use it defensively to weather your challengers attacks. Roman Cancel is a mechanic that can include depth to your matches, depending on how you use it.

Wall Break
Drive the challenger to the edge of the phase and release a specific attack to break the wall and blow them away into a various phase with a flashy scene. Not only will they take extra damage from the blow, your characters attack power and other stats will increase for a minimal time.

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