Google’s new Material You design language is coming to Chromebooks, too – Chrome Unboxed1 min read

While the Google I/O Keynote was chock filled with brand-new services, AI progress, and amazing tech like LaMDA that allows for discussions with Pluto, there were hidden nuggets in there for Chromebook users if you were taking note for the full 2 hours. One of the greatest consumer-facing areas of the presentation was everything about Android 12 and the new Material You design language that will debut with that platform on Pixel phones in the fall. It is gorgeous, seamless, and extremely customizable.

Material You is coming to Chrome OS, too

With Material You, theres an opportunity that Chrome OS may get a bit of a paint task to look and feel a bit more in-line with Android 12. I dont understand that Chrome OS and Android need to be similar, but I like the concept that there will be a unified UI moving forward and I cant wait to see what Chrome OS will look like with some of this brand-new design language on board.

Youll keep in mind the fact that this new style language is on the method for Chromebooks as well if you were paying attention. As it stands right now, Chrome OS and Android share a few commonalities here and there, but the design languages for each UI stand out and a bit different. Over the last couple of years, they have come better together, however there are still extremely clear distinctions in between the two.

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