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Crunchyroll's library of anime has been added to Google TV search

If you’re a big fan of anime series like Tenchi Muyo, One Piece, and maybe also some stuff that came out this decade (can you tell I don’t know a lot about anime?), try searching for it on the nearest Google TV-powered gadget like the new Chromecast. Crunchyroll’s library of popular Japanese exports has been added to the OS-wide search function, the better for you to binge.

9to5Google spotted Crunchyroll shows popping up in Google TV’s interface over the last few weeks. The app has been available for Android TV for a long time, of course, but now it appears to be fully integrated into the new home screen experience, as other popular services already are. Oddly, while the Funimation service is listed in at least some users’ services list, it doesn’t appear to do anything just yet — Funimation’s parent company Sony bought Crunchyroll late last year, but the two libraries aren’t yet integrated.

As with most portions of the Google TV interface, this capability hasn’t rolled out to Android TV in general yet. The Google TV interface runs on top of Android TV, and is currently on Google’s Chromecast and a few newer TVs from Sony and TCL.


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