Google says it’s working to get ‘Hey Google’ working on Wear OS again – The Verge1 min read

Activating the Google Assistant by stating “Hey Google” has been broken for months, according to a report from 9to5Google. Google informs The Verge its now working on a fix, saying that its “familiar with the issues some users have actually been coming across” and will help its partners “address these and enhance the total experience.”
There are a good variety of users reporting the issue– a post on Googles Issue Tracker has nearly a thousand stars. Checking out the thread, its clear that numerous users with various smartwatch models are all reporting the exact same issue going back to November 2020. They say the assistant isnt entirely unusable, as users are still able to trigger it with a long button-press, but if the voice-activation feature hasnt been working for that long, it likely does not help the perception that Google does not care about Wear OS.
Googles declaration does not make it clear how long itll be up until the problem is fixed, but hopefully its getting attention now. While Wear OS may not be core to Googles technique, the Assistant appears to be, and it d be good for people who have chosen to put Googles OS on their wrists to have easy access to it.

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