Google Pixel 4A 5G owners are reporting issues using their touchscreens – The Verge1 min read

Google says its conscious of an issue with Pixel 4A 5G touchscreens and is dealing with a fix. Some gadgets are failing to react regularly to taps on the lower part of the screen, which is particularly impacting folks who have actually selected three-button navigation rather than swipes. Android Police spotted grievances from 4A 5G owners experiencing the problem, which seems to have actually cropped up after the December security patch was launched.
Googles action comes courtesy of a Pixel assistance online forum post. The business says it will address the issue “in an upcoming software application upgrade”, but its looking like that will be at least a couple more weeks away since Android Police reports Januarys security patch didnt address it. In the meantime, Google advises users to work around the problem with some specific guidelines on tapping navigation controls:
1. When tapping icons on the edge of the screen, tap the center of the button or the side of the button/icon outermost away from the edge of the display.2. When tapping icons, consisting of the navigation buttons on the bottom of your screen, utilize the pointer of your finger or thumb rather. This will assist improve touch acknowledgment.
Its not a simple task to try and consciously change the method you do something like tap a button on your phone screen, so hopefully Pixel 4A 5G users will just have to try these awkward workarounds for a little while longer.

Googles January patch did address a raft of other Pixel 4A 5G bugs and quirks with the security upgrade. So while the touchscreen issue persists, at least an audio bug that was triggering crackling sounds in some scenarios is no longer a problem.

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