Google Maps Is Getting a New Feature to Fix One of Its Biggest Problems – autoevolution2 min read

Not a very long time ago, we told you the story of 2 young Russians who wound up in the middle of no place on an abandoned roadway after using Google Maps for navigation. The driver eventually adhered death in ruthless cold winter season weather condition, while the passenger ended up in the health center with severe injuries.Recently, a Seattle couple traveling to a rental cabin in Glenwood spent two days stuck in the snow after the navigation app sent them on an alternative roadway that was covered in snow. They ultimately lost cellular protection and were unable to signal the emergency services.None of these would have occurred if the navigation apps understood the roadways were closed, and now Google relies on crowdsourcing for the entire thing.The search huge itself knows Google Maps requires to be more current and precise with every roadways present status. Thats why the business has released a brand-new tool that permits users to report roadway changes right from the desktop.The brand-new road modifying tool makes it possible to add missing out on roads, rename the ones that are already on the map, change their instructions, erase inaccurate roadways, and even straighten them. Google also enables users to report closed roadways, with the company asking for extra information, such as the reason you can no longer use them, when precisely the roadways are closed, and the directions that are not available.Needless to say, Google will then inspect all edits to make sure they are accurate, so in theory, Google Maps must end up becoming a lot more exact and current.The new road modifying tool is predicted to go reside in the coming months in more than 80 countries across the world. Google explains that all regions where users were already able to report road updates for Google Maps will get this new editing tool. Extra info on the ETA will be shared at a later time.

Google Maps might be the worlds leading navigation app, but this doesnt always indicate whatever is always exactly as anticipated.

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