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Google Maps has finally decided to support dark mode on Android 539 days after officially launching Android 10. Googles latest blog site post states that dark mode in Google Maps is “quickly broadening to all Android users worldwide,” making the feature official after lots of public experiments.
Some users have actually had dark mode for a while, however, through numerous experiments and early rollouts. Google Maps has actually also been showing a dark-colored map in navigation mode for some time, however thats not the very same thing as a comprehensive dark mode for all the UI components.
If Google Maps is following Androids finest practices, the UI ought to immediately change over to the dark style if your system settings have dark mode made it possible for. Google states youll likewise be able to find a brand-new “theme” section in the Google Maps settings, where you can toggle the feature by hand. The Google Maps dark mode that has actually been drifting around for a while has been on a server-side switch. The code is already on your device, so theres no variation we can point to that will make it possible for dark mode; you simply have to wait for Google to flag your account.
With Google Maps lastly on the dark mode train, that must cover all of Googles significant apps. The Play Store, Gmail, Google Assistant, Chrome, Calendar, Drive, Photos, and YouTube all assistance dark mode.

This is from an earlier rollout, but Google Maps dark mode must look something like this.

Listing image by Google

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