Google Maps finally rolls out dark mode on Android – The Verge1 min read

Android Auto is likewise getting a split-screen function that will put Maps side by side with media controls, just like what Apple began carrying out in CarPlay in iOS 13 in 2019. (Though this function will only be readily available in cars and trucks with broader display screens.) Google is including faster ways to the Android Auto launch screen, too, which will enable fast access to weather or setting your home thermostat.
The Android Auto features will be offered “in the coming days” on phones running Android 6.0 and above in suitable cars and trucks. Google Maps dark mode will roll out “soon.”.

The Google Maps app is getting a true dark mode, a minimum of on Android. The company announced today that it is finally commonly releasing the dark style alternative that its been testing in the app given that September 2020.
The dark mode, which takes things much further than the formerly readily available night mode color alternative, will be available in the apps settings menu, under “style.”.
Google revealed the dark mode rollout as part of a batch of brand-new functions coming to Android, including some updates to Android Auto. In addition to custom-made wallpapers, Android Auto is now going to include video games. The games can be accessed through the assistant by stating “Hey Google, play a game.”.

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