Google is testing Memory, an upgrade for Assistant to ‘save and find everything’ – The Verge2 min read

Google is apparently dealing with a brand-new function for Assistant called Memory, a mix of a to-do list, a notes app, a Pocket-like reading list, and Pinterest-style collection board into a single overarching digital locker incorporated into the wider Google Assistant app. 9to5Google initially exposed the feature, which is presently in “dogfood” screening for Google workers.
According to 9to5Google, Memory can save a huge variety of material, consisting of “short articles, books, contacts, occasions, flights, hotels, images, movies, music, notes, pictures, places, playlists, products, dishes, pointers, dining establishments, screenshots, deliveries, TELEVISION videos, programs, and websites.”
While Assistant currently has a Memory feature for saving details (like a bike lock mix or a favorite flavor of cake), the new iteration of Memory appears to be a significant upgrade, one that appears to incorporate the “Collections” function that preceded it and be given top billing on the main menu bar along with Assistants day-to-day photo view.

The concept is that youll be able to conserve nearly anything, including links or screenshots, photos of items or handwritten notes, or digital to-do lists or suggestions. Memory will then let you search, sort, and revisit whatever youve conserved.
Depending on what youre saving, Memory will likewise include contextual info: conserve a recipe, for instance, and itll show the cooking time. Save a motion picture you wished to view, and itll include a link to the trailer. And of course, Google-based products you conserve (like Google Docs or submitted Drive files) will get tailored preview cards.
To save things to Memory, users can either utilize a Google Assistant command or a newly added house screen faster way. When contributed to Memory, saved items can be tagged (with categories like “Important” or “Read Later”) along with sorted or searched to discover a particular product.
Memory is still being tested, and Google hasnt revealed any prepare for when– or even if– itll get a public debut. In a declaration to The Verge, a Google representative commented: “We are continuously experimenting and iterating with new methods to improve the user experience, but we have no additional details to share at this time.”

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