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Google will soon be more selective about which apps on the Play Store can see all of the other apps you have installed (by means of XDA-Developers). As Ars Technica points out, your list of installed apps, innocent as it appears, can interact to designers personal characteristics like dating preferences and political associations. So starting on May 5th, 2021, developers will have to supply a great factor for why Google must let you gain access to details like that.
Android 11 apps that presently ask for the “QUERY_ALL_PACKAGES” consent can see the full list of apps you have actually saved on your gadget. However Google recently updated its Developer Program Policy and now considers that details to be “personal and delicate user information,” limiting which apps are allowed to utilize it.
Once the modification enters into impact in May, apps can only utilize the authorization if their “core user dealing with functionality or purpose, requires broad presence into installed apps on the users gadget.” Examples of apps that will be allowed to continue utilizing this authorization consist of file supervisors, web browsers, and anti-virus apps that need the information “for awareness or interoperability purposes.” Banking apps, digital wallet apps, and any other app that includes “financial deal performance” will get a pass “for security based purposes.”
Apps that dont have an understandable usage case for the approval danger being eliminated from the Google Play Store. All developers who wish to keep the authorization in their apps require to complete a declaration type justifying their usage of it.
In case youre worried that designers might still abuse the approval, Googles paperwork clearly specifies it will come down hard on upseting apps, whether theyre brand-new to the Play Store or simply updates to existing apps. Google might suspend apps and possibly end developer accounts.

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