Google is going to try to make app installs feel faster on Android – Android Police1 min read

Apps appear like theyre always getting larger in size, putting a strain on your phones resources and your data plan. Google has attempted to fight this with App Bundles, a system that lets designers construct multiple versions of their apps for various gadget configurations– the Play Store then downloads the appropriate APK to the users phone. Now Google wishes to take things one action further with “App set up optimization,” which will study what part of an app is used when its at first opened, and use that data to improve the update and app-launch process.
When you open an app for the very first time, Google will monitor what parts of the app you utilize and which parts you do not. If this is the case for a significant number of users, then the Play Store will download that part of the app first, leaving the publishing tools or story viewer uninstalled till you try to use them or your connection gets more powerful.
This data could also be utilized to enhance resource management on your device. Instead of open the whole app into RAM, your phone could pack the parts you utilize most, lowering the load on the processor and amount of RAM needed.
This is done while complying with Googles existing personal privacy policy, so none of your individual info will be utilized, and it wont look at anything beyond the app in concern. It wont collect info about what is downloaded or submitted in the app either, so posts you see or develop on social media will not be returned for analysis.
When app install optimization becomes readily available, Google will let you decide out of the procedure. To do so, open the Play Store settings page and turn the function off.

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