Google gives recent Pixel device owners more control over Night Sight – The Verge1 min read

As letting users completely turn off Auto Night Sight, the latest variation of the app also includes a Night Sight toggle into the apps flash settings. The update doesnt appear to be offered for older Pixel phones, which prompt users to by hand turn on Night Sight in low-light conditions instead of allowing it automatically.

Thanks to its latest upgrade, the Google Camera app now lets you permanently shut off its Auto Night Sight feature on devices that immediately enable the low-light photography mode, 9to5Google reports. The function is offered with version 8.1.200 of the app, which started presenting on Monday. Furthermore, the upgrade lets you disable the mode from the apps flash settings.
It fine-tuned their camera apps to make it possible for Night Sight mode instantly in low-light conditions when Google released the Pixel 4A 5G and Pixel 5 last year. But using the feature means images take longer to capture, so therell inevitably be celebrations when you do not desire it to immediately begin. Irritatingly, as 9to5Google notes, the toggle to turn this function off (on the bottom right of the Camera app) would formerly reset whenever the app closed. As of this most current upgrade, Auto Night Sight now stays handicapped when you close the app.

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