Google Deletes 100,000 Negative Reviews of Robinhood App From Angry Users – Gizmodo1 min read

Photo: Patrick Sison (AP) Google removed at least 100,000 negative evaluations of the stock trading app Robinhood from the Google Play app store after upset users sent out a flood of vital evaluations that triggered the apps ranking to plummet on Thursday. The app likewise has a 4.7 score on Apples app shop, though its not clear what kind of moderation Apple has actually done of its evaluations for Robinhood this week.There are still questions about what really led Robinhood to stop purchases of stocks picked by Reddits WallStreetBets on Thursday– stocks that consist of not simply GameStop however Nokia, Blackberry, and AMC Theaters, amongst others. An early theory was that hedge funds which had shorted the stocks had leaned on Robinhood to stop trading, however an alternate theory emerged that Robinhood just didnt have the money flow to continue processing so numerous stock purchases.The latter theory appears to have been boosted by a new report early Friday from the New York Times claiming Robinhood has raised approximately $1 billion from existing investors like Sequoia Capital and Ribbit Capital.

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