Google Cast is getting an upgrade that lets you transfer or add devices to a stream – XDA Developers2 min read

The Google Cast SDK allows users to extend Android, iOS, and Chrome apps to direct their streaming audio and video content to a TELEVISION or stereo. Hidden within the flurry of announcements stemming from Google I/O 2021, Google is adding in brand-new functionality to the Cast Connect library, enabling users to transfer their streams across devices, and even include devices to a stream.Stream Transfer and Stream Expansion are 2 new functions that are concerning the Cast Connect library. With Stream Transfer, users will soon be able to move playback between cast devices. Google says that users like to watch material across numerous screens, whether it is multiple TVs spread out throughout the house in different spaces, or a range of tablets of tablets, wise screens, and mobile phones, users desire the ability to move the content that they are casting from one device to another. Cast Connects Stream Transfer function makes this a reality.Once a Cast Connect session is started, the user can change the casted material from one gadget to another merely by utilizing their voice. When a stream remains in place, invoke Google Assistant and concern pertinent commands such as “Move this to the Bedroom Display”. This will move the material and the material development to the pertinent connected display screen device.With Cast Connect Stream Expansion, users can include speakers to the content that is playing on the stream.Developers do require to ensure small changes to their app to permit the capability to Stream Transfer and Stream Expand. As soon as the app supports the 2 features, users will have a much better and streamlined experience, particularly if they own numerous gadgets. Adding the ability to include more audio sinks is likewise fantastic for enhancing the capability of media usage without needing to include other complicated solutions.

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