Google Brings Back a Google Maps Feature That Everybody Loved – autoevolution2 min read

A minimum of on Android, that is, as the Mountain View-based search giant has actually decided to bring back among the Google Maps features that it got rid of a few years earlier and which individuals have actually been insisting on getting back ever since.Its the compass, a tool that was initially available in Google Maps but which ultimately got removed by the parent business back in 2019. The whole thing, nevertheless, took place only on Android, as iPhone users continued to be offered with a compass.Google declared it decided to pull the compass from Google Maps on Android since it desired to clean up the navigation screen, though such an explanation makes little sense provided the function has actually continued to be used on the iPhone.In an announcement today, Google revealed that the compass is returning to Android following feedback from the community.”You desired it and we heard you! Were excited to reveal the return of the compass on Maps for Android. The compass was gotten rid of from Maps for Android in early 2019 in an effort to clean up the Navigation screen however due to frustrating support its back!” a Google neighborhood manager revealed in a post.The compass wouldnt simply return in Google Maps when you introduce the app on your Android gadget, as it requires you to very first begin the navigation to a specific place prior to revealing up. So in theory, all you require to do is to start the navigation in Google Maps on Android and then the compass need to be there once again.You need to be performing at least Google Maps version 10.62 to get back the compass, and naturally, those with an iPhone can continue running the app much like previously since no change is taking place on their gadgets.

Google announced a number of brand-new functions for Google Maps earlier this week, but as it ends up, theres more pertaining to the worlds number one navigation app.

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