Google Announces Highly Anticipated Google Maps Update on Android Auto – autoevolution2 min read

While Google Maps is often the preferred choice for those seeking straightforward navigation on either their phones or in the car on the likes of Android Auto and CarPlay, it’s not a secret that occasional glitches still occur, sometimes making the whole experience quite a struggle.

This is what’s happening for some unlucky Android Auto users right now, as they discovered that turning to Google Maps for navigation is a major pain in the neck because the app no longer displays the route they’re supposed to use.

In other words, Google Maps launches and runs properly, but after setting up the route, the app doesn’t correctly display it on the map, so users just need to stick with the audio instructions to figure out which way they need to go.

The whole thing has been happening in both Android Auto versions – on phones and for the car, with users saying it shows up occasionally for absolutely no reason.

The good news is that Google has managed to determine the cause of the problem, with a member of the Android Auto team revealing on the official forums recently that a fix has already been bundled with the latest updates.

So if you too encountered the bug described here, you are strongly recommended to download and install the latest Google Maps and Android Auto app versions to make sure the navigation app is working as expected.

Thanks for all your feedback reports. The Geo team has addressed this issue. We recommend updating the Google Maps app and Android Auto app to the latest version and let us know if the issue still persists. Thanks!” a Google Community Specialist explained.

In the meantime, Google is also giving the finishing touches to a new Android Auto update, as version 6.5 is projected to land in just a few weeks, obviously with even more fixes, though we’ll find out more at the time of launch.

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