Goodbye, funky hacks: you’ll soon be able to download albums on the Spotify desktop app – The Verge1 min read

Now I can download specific albums and set my Downloads playlist complimentary.

Spotifys desktop app refresh appears to be rolling out to users, and it brings with it an extremely useful function: album downloads. The app has actually supported downloading playlists to your computer for rather a while. When youre offline, the update ought to make it easier to keep your library handled if you desire to keep the music going even. It is worth keeping in mind that this feature is limited to Premium subscribers– according to Spotifys documents, complimentary users are just able to download podcasts.
Downloading an album works likewise to downloading a playlist: just browse to the albums page and press the download button. It ought to then be offered the next time you go into Offline mode. This need to make it simpler to handle your offline library if youre the kind of individual whos extremely specific about what you desire to listen to. (For example, I had a thoroughly curated playlist called “Downloads” that I would discard songs and albums into as a workaround to not being able to save specific things for offline listening.).

The upgrade likewise features tweaks to the look of the desktop and web player, as well as how playlist management works. You ought to see a screen letting you understand that youve got the update.

Who does not enjoy offline use?

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