Global PS5, Xbox & GPU Shortage Partially Blamed On $1 Part – Kotaku1 min read

Image: SonyAs we discussed recently, the international supply shortage affecting all kinds of items, from consoles to phones to cars, is down to a lack of semiconductors. More particularly, though, a few of the most significant offenders is a scarcity tiny parts that costs around $1. As this Bloomberg report points out, a worldwide shortage of display chauffeurs and the previously confidential and similarly tiny power management chip are two of the most particular parts in the supply chain that are holding up international production of pretty much everything that has a computer in it.The very same report also provides a quite fascinating update on simply why were having this scarcity, from a snap-back in production orders (business believed lockdowns would develop less demand for computer-related items, not more) to the reality a few of these components are being made utilizing out-of-date production approaches to a surge in the variety and volume of gadgets needing chips that formerly didnt. While we d expect this enormous boost in demand would indicate a rush of brand-new factories and better production capabilities, the genuine downer here for anybody searching for a PS5 or with a new car stuck on a dock somewhere is that the business responsible for making components like the screen chauffeur arent interested in changing anything at any time quickly, because “existing lines are completely depreciated and fine-tuned for nearly ideal yields, indicating basic display screen chauffeurs can be made for less than a dollar and advanced versions for very little more.”

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