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Get Android 12's new ringtones on your Pixel phone right now (APK Download)

Android 12 is the biggest redesign to come to the OS in ages, and it looks like Google isn’t content with changing only the visuals. As spotted by 9to5Google, the company has introduced new ringtones and notification sounds that are slated to replace the current tried-and-true sounds as the new defaults for upcoming products, and you can check them out on your Pixel phone running Android 11 (APK Download).

The new sounds are available in version 2.8 of the Sounds app, which came pre-installed with Android 12 Beta 3. They currently don’t replace the existing sounds by default, but they’re available as alternatives. The new sounds are similar in melody and structure, though they’re less sharp and much calmer. That’s especially noticeable when it comes to the new alarm sound, Fresh Start, that’s slated to replace Bright Morning. It shares the same melody but plays it a few octaves lower and slower. The same is true for Eureka, which is supposed to replace the Popcorn notification sound.

It looks like there will also be a new default phone ringtone that’s supposed to replace The Big Adventure, but it fails to download in the Sounds app for now. We’d assume that this sound, The New Adventure, will share lots of similarities with its predecessor, too.

The Big Adventure

If previous Android updates are anything to judge by, the new sounds won’t replace the defaults for existing Pixel devices — it’s likely that they’ll only be the default for newly released products.

You can download Google Sounds 2.8 with the new sounds from APK Mirror and install it on your Pixel phone running Android 11. For other phones, you can try and see if you can get the app up and running, but it’s unlikely that you’ll be successful.

For more about Android 12, check out our ongoing series coverage here, or bookmark our regularly updated changelog and check back in later. If you want to install the developer preview on your own device, find out how in our Android 12 download guide.

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