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As expected and teased, the next Genshin Impact banner will involve the first-class Hu Tao. Hu Tao and her brand-new banner will not be the only upcoming additions. The Hu Tao banner will be offered March 2-16, 2021.

As anticipated and teased, the next Genshin Impact banner will involve the five-star Hu Tao. miHoYo exposed individuals will have a possibility to acquire her beginning on March 2, 2021. Shell appear alongside three four-stars that also come from Liyue.
Hu Tao is Pyro polearm-wielder, and she isnt the only one on this banner. Individuals will have an increased possibility of getting the Xiangling too, who utilizes the very same weapon and has the very same aspect. Shes only a four-star though. The Cryo claymore-user Chongyun and Hydro sword-bearer Xingqui complete the focus systems.
Hu Tao and her new banner wont be the only upcoming additions. Her story quest, Papilio Charontis, will be included on March 2, 2021 too. Youll require to have actually finished the 2nd act of the very first project chapter and be AR 40 to go through it. There will likewise be an Epitome Invocation Event Wish that includes Staff of Homa, Wolfs Gravestone, and the new Lithic weapons.
Vishaps and Where to Find Them will reward individuals with things like Heros Wit, Mora, Mystic Enhancement Ore, and Primogems. That will run March 5-12, 2021.
Genshin Impact is readily available for the PlayStation 4, PC, and mobile devices. It will eventually concern the Nintendo Switch. The Hu Tao banner will be readily available March 2-16, 2021.

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