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Here are some of the spots and locations where you can go fishing for some normal and Ornamental fish in Mondstadt, Liyue, and Inazuma, the three available Regions of Teyvat so far in Genshin Impact – These spots most notably include Medaka (Aizen) or Venomspike fish, requested by the Associations to unlock new Baits and Rods.

We’ll list below the “best” spots for fishing we’ve found so far. As in those extremely close to teleportation points and easy to access. Moreover, it looks like there is an infinite amount of fish spawning at fishing spots. You just need to advance from day to night or vice-versa with the in-game clock and they reappear. Idem if you startled the fish and scattered them. Just advance the clock a few hours.

September 2 Update: After more tests, the fish do stop spawning after a certain amount of time-shifting. Judging from my experiments, it also looks like you can keep time-shifting and “force respawn” the fish until Ornamental Fish spawn, but again don’t quote me on this and remember it’s only been a day since the fishing system is publicly out. Keep experimenting, don’t take all guides on the net at face value, and take your own notes. That’s also part of the fun.

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Genshin Impact | Version 2.1 Trailer



Genshin Impact | Version 2.1 Trailer





Genshin Impact – Medaka (Aizen), Venomfish and more Mondstadt Fishing spots and locations

You’ve got a first spot in Stormbearer Mountains, right north of the Teleport Waypoint. The second spot is in the river south of the Seven Statue in Windrise. There’s also a spot in Dragonspine right near a Teleportation Waypoint.

You can find several normal fish in these spots including Medaka, Aizen Medaka, and Venomspike. Fruit Paste Bait tends to attract Medaka and Aizen Medaka, while Redrot Bait works for Venomspike. Keep your eyes open if you see any fish jumping out of the water too, as that’s the mark of Ornamental Fish.

Fishing spots and locations in Liyue

One easily accessible spot is at the broken bridge at the entrance of Mingyun Village Then you’ve got Tianqiu Valley, right at the West of the Teleport Waypoint. I’ve spotted some Medaka at this location, so it looks like some fish are universal and appear in every Region.

Remember you’ll need to catch a fish at least once for it to show up in the fishing list when accessing a spot. So you know what can spawn in advance. Be sure to try out various Baits and see what works best.

Genshin Impact – Fishing spots and locations in Inazuma

Lastly, I’ve got two spots in Inazuma for you. The first one is at the Ritou port, right near the teleport point. This spot has fish I haven’t spotted in either Mondstadt nor Liyue. The second spot is right near the Violet Court Domain. Note that I’ve included a screenshot for the second spot because it’s tricky. You need to specifically be on top of that cliff to fish. This spot most notably has Glaze Medaka.

Overall, it looks like Ornamental Fish spawn much less often than normal fish and are pretty rare. I haven’t seen any while roaming the maps for these spots. It doesn’t look like there’s a specific spot where they spawn more often either. Though you can tell when they’ll spawn as the ripples are more agitated. Lastly, some fish also only appear at night.

Keep in mind these are my observations after only a few hours since the patch dropped though. We’re still lacking some info. We’ll be sure to update this guide or publish more if we learn more, so stay tuned. You can also reach me on Twitter @A_iyane07.

All fishing spots on the Genshin Impact map officially listed (September 2, 2021 update)

This is it. The Genshin Impact official interactive map of Teyvat was updated to list the location of every fish in the game and its location. The official map’s update happened around 24 hours after the 2.1 patch was dropped.

Be sure to keep this map in your bookmarks, it’s extremely handy. You can also make your own routes and keep them saved if you log in to the interactive map.

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