Gboard is rolling out a new design with some pill-shaped keys – XDA Developers2 min read

Google’s new Material You guidelines are huge and deeply changed, and they not only extend to Android 12 itself, but they’re also going to extend to many other parts of the Google ecosystem as well. They give Material Design a much-needed facelift while also allowing for more customizability and design flexibility. One of the many Google apps that are getting facelifts based on some of these new features is Gboard. Gboard recently got released on Wear OS smartwatches, and we managed to spot a new UI revamp for Gboard that included automatic syncing with your wallpaper’s colors. Now, Gboard is officially rolling out at least some of those design changes.

The changes themselves seem to be pretty minor. Whereas the ?123 key had no outline and the Enter key was housed in a rounded rectangle, this new design introduces pill-shaped keys for both. This new design also extends to the spacebar. Pill shapes are prominent throughout the new stock Android UI, and here, they couldn’t look better. We first spotted this on a ZenFone 8 running Android 11, meaning that this new design is not exclusive to users running the Android 12 beta.

This new design, which uses pill-shaped keys for the ?123 and Enter buttons, is rolling out to users now, and it also doesn’t seem to be Pixel-exclusive. As we mentioned before, we got it on our ZenFone 8, for example, while we don’t have it yet on our Pixel 4 or Pixel 3 XL units. Since our ZenFone 8 isn’t running Android 12, we also can’t tell if the new “device” theme which themes Gboard based on your wallpaper is also rolling out. If you got it on your Android 12 device, let us know down in the comments.

If you want to check this out on your device, there’s not much you can do given that this is currently an A/B rollout. Updating the Gboard app on the Google Play Store might increase your chances, though.

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