GameStop to Give Out Exclusive Pokemon Card This Week – ComicBook.com2 min read

GameStop is getting its extremely own Pokemon card. PokeBeach reports that GameStop will distribute a promotional Flapple Pokemon card beginning this Friday, March 19th. The card is a non-holofoil variation of the Flapple from Rebel Clash, but has the GameStop logo design marked beneath the card. While this is not the very first time that GameStop has actually distributed Pokemon cards, this does mark the very first time that theyve distributed a stamped card. The cards will be provided to any consumer that purchases at least $15 worth of Pokemon Trading Card Game merchandise.PokeBeach likewise reports that GameStop may also be handing out a Gigantamax Flapple for Pokemon Sword and Shield, although they werent able to confirm this or not. GameStop previously provided away numerous other Gigantamax Pokemon for Pokemon Sword and Shield with Pokemon card giveaways. The giveaways are most likely an informal tie-in for the upcoming release of the “Battle Styles” expansion for the Pokemon Trading Card Game. The set, which is inspired by the Isle of Armor DLC for Pokemon Sword and Shield, is because of come out this week and will include a brand-new Battle Styles mechanic to the card game. Players can develop around two different battle designs, with card capabilities synergizing with other cards that utilize the exact same style. Like all Pokemon cards, the Battle Styles expansion needs to be in high need, so fans may wish to head to GameStop early if they want a chance at snagging both the marketing card and some cards from the brand-new expansion. Pokemon cards are reasonably scarce in lots of shops today, due to a mix of higher-than-average demand thanks to a renewal in popularity and low supply due to production problems triggered by the pandemic. The card supply problem is major enough that The Pokemon Company released a public statement noting that it would be increasing its production and releasing reprints of recent sets.

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