Final Fantasy VII Has Been Upscaled To HD Using AI – Kotaku1 min read

Image: Final Fantasy VIIIf you desire to play Final Fantasy VII in HD on your PC you could wait for the remake to get ported, or you could play the initial video game using this mod that utilizes synthetic intelligence to upscale its visuals.While Ive written about witchcrafty efforts like this previously– with this video game, even!– this latest effort by Satsuki Yatoshi uses “deep learning techniques” to change the games low-res pixels and polygons into an appearance thats much sharper, and makes up a big improvement over older efforts, specifically because this is much simpler to set up and get running. “The main objective of the SYW mod is to get as much as details as possible without having an oversharp and overclean result”, the mods YouTube page states, “likewise to keep the making as natural as possible and continuous in quality throughout the entire video game.

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