Fallout Mod Pulled After Artist Allegedly Posts “Animated Pedophillic Content” – Kotaku1 min read


And now were composing about it again, since the mod has actually been “hidden” (generally momentarily eliminated) from Nexus Mods and pulled from its own website after allegations that one of its artists published “animated pedophillic content on their individual artist accounts”. The full declaration, posted on the mods page by the development group, checks out: Some deeply concerning news has emerged in the past couple of hours. More procedures will be undertaken and a more in-depth address will be posted soon.The views, ideas, and viewpoints expressed both in the mod, and outside of it, belong exclusively to the authors who write them, and not to the mods company, community, or other group or individual.ZuTheSkunk has a Deviantart account thats still active, which is mainly made up of My Little Pony fan art, and which occasionally veers into sexual area, though absolutely nothing of the magnitude declared in the declaration.

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