Facebook to begin testing ads inside Oculus virtual reality headsets – CNBC1 min read


ScreenshotFacebook on Wednesday announced that it will start evaluating ads that will appear within the businesss Oculus virtual reality headsets.In May, the business stated that it would begin running advertisements within the Oculus mobile app, however the statement on Wednesday is the very first time the social media company states it will show ads within its VR headsets.The Oculus headset advertisements will initially appear in the shooter game Blaston from Resolution Games. Ads will likewise begin appearing in two other Oculus apps over the coming weeks, Facebook said.Oculus headset ads could be a considerable step for Facebook, which obtains more than 97% of its general revenue from advertisements. Presently, those ads are mostly shown to users within the businesss Facebook and Instagram social networks.Facebook also said these ads might supply brand-new methods for software application developers to produce revenue.The advertisements will follow Facebooks marketing concepts and provide users the same controls they have on Facebook.

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