Even Ataris Reanimated Corpse Is Getting in on the NFT Grift – Gizmodo1 min read


Atari, or rather, the corporate entity that now runs the shell of the beleaguered video game company, has leapt on the non-fungible token buzz train to shamelessly cash in on that arcade nostalgia. The NFTs, “limited edition” digital antiques based on the companys slew of retro video game titles, are being offered in a series of auctions as part of the Atari Capsule Collection. The company also plans to auction off a 3D design of a Centipede arcade cabinet digitally signed by the games co-creator Dona Bailey that will come bundled with a real-life, restored Centipede arcade cabinet.In case you havent been following this NFT mania, each token is an ostensibly unique digital product that the blockchain keeps track of who owns the file.

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