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Picture: ROBYN BECK/ Contributor (Getty Images)Back in 2018, Elon Musks The Boring Company released a bunch of limited edition flame-throwing devices as a bizarre marketing gimmick for the tunnel-digging startup. Formally called “Not A Flamethrower” on the businesss own site, the gadgets could not, as CNN pointed out at the time, “spew flames long ranges by sparking combustible liquids,” however were rather developed to act more like “big propane blowtorches.”Apparently, none of that matters much in the eyes of the law– especially when those very same eyes are looking at what seems a grown guy trying to board a “celebration bus” in Italy holding what looks precisely like a flamethrower. In an excellent writeup over at TechCrunch, writer Mark Harris helpfully dives into the legal snafus faced by dozens of “Not A Flamethrower” owners after police officers got a load of their huge fire-shooting guns. Amongst the stories included are those of the abovementioned American man (who was subsequently imprisoned in Italy for almost a week) and a London man whose house was raided by 5 policemans in tactical gear.The military-grade visual of the device was ultimately sufficient to trigger Democratic legislators in the New York State Senate to sponsor a costs that would criminalize the ownership and usage of the would-be flamethrower.”Elon Musks Boring Company released a new weapon … without any issue to the training of the purchasers or their reasons for buying,” the bill, S1637, reads. “This bill establishes that owning and using a weapon is a criminal act, unless it is utilized for agricultural, construction or historical collection purposes. These unsafe gadgets should not be sold to civilians, and use needs to be restricted to qualified experts.”G/O Media might get a commissionAlthough a number of the civilians identified by TechCrunch had their Not a Flamethrowers confiscated by police out of an issue for public security, John Richardson– the London male who had his home robbed by a fast action group committed to taking on weapon criminal activity– ultimately regained possession of his weapon. He told TechCrunch that he plans to keep a low-profile with the device for now– a minimum of until he knows he can earn a profit off of it. “Im pleased to rest on it for however long,” he stated. “And if there is a zombie apocalypse, a minimum of Ive got one.”Head over to TechCrunch for more information that are, unsurprisingly, even stupider and funnier.

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