Elon Musk’s flamethrower was not a flamethrower, but that isn’t stopping police – The Verge1 min read


Mark Harris has actually assembled a fantastic report for TechCrunch on the legal troubles that have actually befallen buyers of the Boring Companys flame-throwing gadget. Part of what makes it worth a read is that it digs up stories you may have not become aware of yet: an authorities raid in London, an American doing time in an Italian jail, and how theyve shown up in narcotics carries together with genuine guns and bags of cocaine.
While the Not a Flamethrower name may really be accurate, the story shows that when cops the world over see you with a gun-shaped device, specifically one that shoots flames, they may not join you in laughing about Elons zany task ideas. They might simply wind up arresting you.
” Its a toy they sell to children.”
The biggest “what the heck” minute of the story for me was when a legal representative says of the Not a Flamethrower: “Its a toy they offer to children.” Please, if you was among individuals who got this gadget– do not provide it to a kid.
While the product might be Boring, the article definitely is not, and you must definitely go offer it a read. I assure you will not get burned.

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