Elon Musk partner says he could build the real Jurassic Park, with genetically engineered dinosaurs | TheHill – The Hill1 min read


” We could most likely construct Jurassic Park if we wanted to,” Max Hodak tweeted Saturday. Include Changing America to your Facebook or Twitter feed to remain on top of the news.In the movie “Jurassic Park,” researchers working for a rich industrialist are able to genetically craft dinosaurs and are working towards opening a style park to showcase them when things go wrong.Launched in 2017, Neuralink works on creating brain-computer interfaces with the hopes to one day help those afflicted with Alzheimers illness, dementia, paralysis and spine cable injuries, amongst others.In August 2020, Musk debuted Gertrude, a pig that Neuralink had implanted a little computer chip in its brain. The chip was planted near the part of the brain that controls its snout, so as Gertrude consumed, a computer system showed spikes and waves being discharged from the chip, keeping an eye on Gertrudes neural response.Hodak didnt more explain what technology Neuralink might utilize to engineer the long-extinct dinosaurs.READ MORE STORIES FROM CHANGING AMERICAELON MUSK COULD START IMPLANTING COMPUTER CHIPS IN HUMANS BRAINS THIS YEARIN A BREAKTHROUGH RESEARCHERS IDENTIFY CANCER CELLS BY THEIR ACIDITYNEW BIOINK GETS SCIENTISTS CLOSER TO BEING ABLE TO PRINT HUMAN ORGANSTEAR GLANDS MADE IN A LAB CAN PRODUCE TEARS22-YEAR-OLD MAN RECEIVES WORLDS FIRST SUCCESSFUL TRANSPLANT OF FACE, HANDS

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