eBay Is Banning The Sale Of Adult Video Games – Kotaku1 min read


Image: eBayOn June 15, international auction site eBay will be executing a brand-new “Adult Items Policy”, and it goes a lot harder on mature content than just disallowing the sale of pornography.The sites new guidelines take a big action towards prohibiting (or considerably restricting) the sale of all kinds of sexual material, from art to dildos, however you, a reader of a mostly video game-related site, may be more interested in these particular guidelines: The following items are not allowed:- Adult products with content that is unlawful- Item that do not comply with our Illegal explicit content policy- Sexually oriented materials, consisting of items consisting of nudity and display screens of sexual activitys, are not allowed. The websites description for the crackdown states “We desire to make adult items readily available to those who want to purchase them and can do so lawfully, while preventing those who do not wish to see or acquire these products from easily accessing them.”This is extremely shitty for artists and creators in this area, however there are also aspects of this that are alarming for video games without an obvious “adult” or sexual subject matter.

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