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This is an in-progress view of the menus from Kitfoxs upcoming Steam re-release of Dwarf Fortress, which aims to make the video game available with a great tileset and a set of menu improvements. What youre seeing above hasnt had an art pass yet, according to the Steam article about it, however it represents an attempt to bring crucial info and actions together in one location when the player is checking a particular tile and the animals upon it.
” The tabs and overview boxes are still in flux but the screenshot here is where we are up until now in-game,” reads the post. “Between physical characteristics, mental attributes, personality facets, and beliefs, the game chooses the greatest or most special six and shows them in the introduction. Youll still have the ability to get at the full set of data within the tabs; the intent of these boxes is to respond to easy questions and supply the very best flavor and context. The same holds true for products, skills, positions and the rest. The full information and options can be discovered in tabs, with a brief summary at the leading level.”
If there is more than one dwarf or creature on the tile youre examining, youll have the ability to cycle through them via “little tabs that pop on the best side.” This must make it simpler to cycle through the birds in Nates bird hole.
Theres no suggested release date for the Steam variation of Dwarf Fortress yet, however there are several advancement updates monthly for anyone who wants to follow along. Its the game Im most anticipating in the world.

If youve not played Dwarf Fortress, the terribly detailed fantasy world simulator, you cant completely comprehend what a headache it is to play. Its not the ASCII gaphics that hoodwink you, its the menus, which hide details and typical actions throughout umpteen different enormous menus, each of which must be accessed with a different button press.
Look at the screenshot above, then. You might think it appears like the UI from an early 2000s Paradox video game thats yet to have an art pass. However to me, it looks like paradise.

You might think it looks like the UI from an early 2000s Paradox game thats yet to have an art pass. “Between physical characteristics, psychological qualities, personality facets, and beliefs, the video game selects the greatest or most distinct six and displays them in the overview. Youll still be able to get at the full set of data within the tabs; the intent of these boxes is to address basic concerns and offer the finest taste and context.

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