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An incomplete build of what is presumed to be Windows 11 leaked online, and people are installing it. Based on early impressions, it appears like Windows users are in for a huge overhaul: Screenshots display an all-new macOS-like desktop layout, a revamped Windows Explorer user interface, brand-new Start menus, and some of the best built-in wallpapers Windows has ever had.Some folks are delighted by the changes, others not so much, however its safe to state everybodys a minimum of curious about Microsofts still technically unannounced os (its presumed the upcoming Sun Valley Windows 10 upgrade will be relabelled Windows 11). That stated, you probably shouldnt install the dripped Windows 11 update.The thinking is the very same as when we caution versus setting up beta builds of other operating systems and test apps like Chrome Canary: Windows 11 is unfinished and unstable. The dripped Windows 11 is also technically unofficial, so if you install it and something breaks, Microsoft will not assist you repair it– and something will most likely break thinking about how notoriously buggy authorities Windows Updates are.Screenshot: MicrosoftYou also cant install Windows 11 through authorities channels (you will not find it on the Windows Insider Channels), indicating you d have to download it elsewhere– and hackers and phishers like to deceive unwary users with harmful links masquerading as dripped software.G/ O Media might get a commissionI wont deny its enjoyable to attempt new items early, however theres a factor Microsoft hasnt revealed Windows 11 yet, let alone launched a beta variation. Developers, journalists, and top-level users can most likely get away with trying Windows 11, however basic users must avoid till Microsoft presents a main beta.Frankly, you must probably prevent main pre-release versions, too, for much of the reasons weve covered, unless you have a secondary PC you can evaluate it on and keep your primary machine safely on Windows 10. Other Windows 10 users may feel the desire to attempt Windows 11 to “future-proof” their PCs operating system– but fear not. Not only would the leaked Windows 11 be an incomplete experience compared to Windows 10, Microsoft recently validated it will support Windows 10 through October 14, 2025– so even after Windows 11 launches officially, Windows 10 will continue to get crucial security updates for several years. Of course, that does not factor any coercive update methods Microsoft may push to get users onto Windows 11 even with Windows 10 still active, but in theory you will be able to securely stick to Windows 10 for a while, if you want. And for the foreseeable future, sticking with Windows 10 is exactly what you ought to do. [Tech Radar]

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